Game Rulings
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Ruling_Stap op_NL

Game Rulings

In this section, you will find the (to dutch translated) rulings for several games. I rewrote the ruling for clear understanding myself (especially the Games Workshop games). Some of the rulings are in Dutch (for your convenience ;-)), see below. In all cases I have to advise you to read the official rules, I don't guarantee, I fully understand and/or clearly rewrote the official rulings of the games. For a awfull lot of Dutch translations check Vlaam Spellen Archief. They linked back to me for some of the translations on your left.

Also I translated some rulings or put them on the pages on request.

Warning: some ruling pages take forever to download due to the many tables (e.g. the dutch rulings of Mordheim and BloodBowl), but hey, I guess everone except me has ADSL by now.

For the understanding Games Workshop mechanics, read the Mordheim rules first if you are unfamiliar with GW (unless you just need the Warhammer rules only). The main reason for this is that in Mordheim you just have a limited amount of warrior (instead of complete units such as in Warhammer or Warhammer 40K). An interesting difference between Mordheim and Warhammer is that tests are reversed, in Warhammer you have to roll a figure equal or higher than the units/characters value, in Mordheim you usually have to roll a figure equal or lower to pass the test.

Upcoming rulings are:

bulletMordheim (English)
alternative rulings:
bulletWarhammer (English)