My Wishlist
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My Wishlist

So you are thinking of giving me a present, right? Here is a list of games I really want to have (please consult me first, there is a big chance I already bought it, but in principle I have decided not to buy them). The bold stuff is the stuff I really want!!! The strike-through ones have been aquired by the time you read this. On the bottom of this page you'll find some of the warhammer bits&pieces I would to have. OOP means : out-of-print: not manifactured anymore.

If you care to trade check the bottom of this page.


Starting off with the TOP X

bulletLord of the Rings (GAMES WORKSHOP VERSION!)
bulletBlood Berets Board Game
bullet24-game (a counting game, educational)
bulletdiplomacy: 50 euro
bulletadvanced heroquest (OOP: $$$$! only the advanced version!)
bulletnecromunda (OOP: $$$$!)
bulletadvanced space crusade (OOP: $$$$!)
bulletcar wars (Steve Jackson Games (1986) ($12 at dantiques with some missing items)
bulletmississippi queen


 Other Board games

bulletDungeon Bowl (Games Workshop, Out Of Print): $$$$ (about $100+)
bulletscotland yard
bulletAge of Renaissance (50 Euro)
bulletElfenland / Elfenland Gold
bulletCosmic Encounter (Hasbro / Games workshop)
bulletApples to Apples (suitable for lots of players (6+))
bulletLord of the Ring (actually #1 on my wish list)
bulletStratego Legends (Avalon Hill / Hasbro) (bought nov. 2001)
bulletThe Big Idea (cheapass)
bulletFormule De (40 Euro) 
bulletFrank's Zoo (Rio Grande Games) 
bulletPrincess Ryan's Star Marines (75 Euro): looks interesting
bulletEl Grande
bulletCircus Maxiumus
bulletEl Caballiero
bulletJunta (suitable for lots of players (6+))
bulletDie Mauer (17-22 Euro)
bulletKreml / Kremlin
bulletTigris and Euphratus 
bulletKauflaute von Amsterdam
bulletUnion Pacific
bulletBattle Cry (Hasbro, new edition, 50 Euro, dutch price 100 Euro): strategic warfare, emphasis on fun. Simulation of the American Civil war (Hasbro) (75 Euro in the Netherlands, import from the USA)
bulletAxis & Allies (Europe) (just to have for collectings' sake)
bulletAladdin's Dragon

Collectable items (not easy to be found / not cheap)

bulletTalisman (Games Workshop)
bulletDungeonbowl (Games Workshop): about 50-70 Euro
bulletDragon Dice (CDG, only the kickers/boosters), hard to find (10- Euro)
bulletWarhammer Quest
bullet"Het Oog van de Meester" (Dutch D&D system), some of the Dutch expansions
bulletAdvanced gD&D Starter packs

CCG (about 10 Euro)

After buying loads of CCG's, there is not much news from these games. I have the idea that all CCG's are kind of spin off from MtG.

bulletMechwarriors (CCG), any starter pack would be welcome (10 Euro)
bulletDoomTown (CCG), any starter pack would be welcome (10 Euro)
bulletDilbert (CCG), any starter pack
bulletMonty Python and the Holy Grail
bulletMLB Showdown2000 (CCG), any starter pack
bulletSailor Moon
bulletWheel of Time
bullet7th Sea
bulletYu Gi Oh 
bulletLegend of the 5 Rings
bulletBattle Tech
bulletAustin Powers 


Trades / Second Hand buys

bulletAll kind of CCG's, esp. ones I don't have, I have loads of Magic cards I would to trade to other CCG's I don't have (No, no Pokemon please!).
bulletDragon Dices, esp. Kickers
bulletWarhammer / Mordheim stuff
bulletAny kind of game I have not seen / owned before, esp. if they have / it has some kind of unique game-mechanics.


Note: 'Jftfoi' means: 'Just for the fun of it': low priority, after you bought all rest...

Note: I don't mind second hands (unless they are absolutely lousy painted)

bulletWarhammer Characters for DQ, WHQ, Talisman
bulletGiant, Troll + club, evil sorceress, Druid, monk, minsrel, ghoul, priest, thief, prphetess, Skeletons, zombies, choas warriors, toads, regiment of night gobblins, night goblin clubbers
bulletWarhammer: For my Orcs & Goblins army
bulletGiant (40 Euro): YESSSS, pref. the old ones
bulletAny OOP goblin
bulletGoblin Rock Lobber (35 Euro)
bulletGoblin Spear Chukka (10 Euro)
bulletGobling Doom Diver (35 Euro)
bulletGoblin Wolf riders (25 Euro/ 10 pieces)
bulletGoblin Wolf Chariot (10 Euro) (1 piece)
bulletNight goblins (30 Euro/20) (about 20-30 pieces): no netters nor fanatics
bulletOrc Boar Boyz with command (10 Euro / piece): (5-10 pieces)
bulletStone Trolls (25 Euro/piece)  (not the one with the rock)
bulletGoblin Shamans (10 Euro / 2)
bulletOrc Shaman (10 Euro)
bulletBlack Orcs (6 Euro / 2)
bulletAnything OOP for Orcs & Goblins
bulletWarhammer: For my Empire army / Mordheim
bulletEmpire Helblaster Volley Gun (20 Euro)
bulletEmpire Pistolier (on steed) (10 Euro)
bulletEmpire Wizard (15 Euro)
bulletEmpire Priest (7 Euro)
bulletGames Workshop: Warhammer bits & pieces
bulletWarhammer: Choas army box (just for the fun of it (jftfoi))
bulletWarhammer: Skeleton Army box (with swords) (30 Euro) (jftfoi)
bulletWarhammer: For my High Elf Army
bulletTiranoc Chariot (25 Euro)
bulletWhite lions (+command): (10 Euro / 3)
bulletSwordmasters of Hoeth (10 Euro / 3)
bulletWarhammer: For my Lizardmen army (jftfoi)
bulletTerradons (20 Euro) (jftfoi)
bullet2x Kroxigors (12 Euro) for my BB lizard team.
bullet1x Saurus Temple Guard
bulletSalamanders (20 Euro) (jftfoi)
bulletGeneral (jftfoi)
bulletWarhammer: Individuals for Mordheim/Bloodbowl from the Warhammer fantasy range
bulletsingle chaos warriors (no beastmen!)
bulletchaos sorceror (10 Euro)
bulletchaos warrior chariot (25 Euro)
bulletchaos Greater Daemon of Nurgle (55 Euro) (looks cool!)
bulletBlood Dragon Vampires (10 Euro)
bulletLahmia Vampire (10 Euro)
bulletGames Workshop: Bloodbowl
bulletskaven team (35 Euro) (this one if you can't find the amazons)
bulletamazon team (35 Euro) Yess: a girlie team, excellent choice for my daughters...I bought the rather sexist Giridion team.
bulletWarhammer 40K version 3 (75 Euro):  not very likely that I'm going to buy this game although I really would like to have it. While you are at it, buy me some armies too (jftfoi)