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Game links / shops / info

Please note that I do not take responsibility for the information below. Things might change without me knowing it and/or reporting it. The list of links below is retrieved from my bookmarks, they contain the most obvious links. I have no intention to put up a complete list of links. If you are looking for more complete links check one of the portal sites (below).

Next to the various sites, check the newsgroups such as,,,,,,,,, (where XXX can be number of specific issues like strategy, rules, marketplace, etc.), (where XXX can be number of TCG's)

Read on to find my recommanded shops!

Check or beckerdo's site site to get some pictures of gaming groups.

means, I can recommend this site / shop (did business / have experiences (once or more) with these guys and they gave good service)

Portal Sites Description Remark
Vlaams Spellen archief The best Dutch / Belgium link around. Check the main site for review, dutch rule translations, etc. Lots of links
Gamereport A quarterly print magazine dedicated to board, party, dice, card, family, and strategy games from around the world. Very up-to-date with market information. General Info, very good pre-selection
Spelmagazijn One of the largest Dutch games sites. Comparable to VSA, lots of good descriptions. Good linking site (see 3rd column) Currently mainly Dutch language
Weblink boardgames
Clanford Trev's homepage of games, very well designed.
AD&D Fellowship List of Dutch Playing groups Via Postcode zoeken!
boardgamegeek Extreme good database on games, lots of OOP's Used this site for GW games referals.
Bordspel Extreme good linking pages. Check their index pages. Uh, Dutch..., but very good.
Globetrotter Another very good gaming site, check the links, they are very good.
Grognard THE website for wargamers.
Hotbot games The HotBot/Lycos portal to games
Luding Databank Very, very extensive database, average links....
Pagat Large portal for card games.
RandomFandom Everything you always wanted to know about dices  
Spiel de Jahres Site of the commitee 'Spiel-des-Jahres'. If a game is nominated, you can it buy it without even checking anything else German site, although good content, rather poor site.
Two of the best generic boardgame portals around (some Dutch)
UK-Gamers Some good market news (WotC/Hasbro), news on upcomming games, quick links of games2publishers.
Webring Takes you to the webring of games
Wargame Manu'facturers A large list of Wargame Manufacturer's
Several average portals... open directory
Reviews Description Remark
Spellenarchief The best Dutch/Belgium review site. Lots of translations for international games One of the best sites around! Dutch language!
Trevor Clarke A lot of reviews. Actually he is the only person in the world who has a review on Chaos Marauders (GW).
2-player games This site focusses on 2-player games (surprise!)
BoardgameCentral Concentrates on the more traditional boardgames
Boardgamegeek Excellent database with reviews Dutch portal site with reviews. Also interesting reports of Game-events.
Gaming Havens Loads of Tolkien based games / Reviews (incl. computer games).
ConSimWorld Concentrates on Wargaming
Costik's Site Site mainly related to (OOP) SPI games
Dan Beckers' game site This is a great gamer's site, with lots of gaming info regarding social gaming. Most of all, it's a 'natural' gaming site (meaning: written by a gamer) Check the gaming pictures pages!
FromUsAlive Internet video's demonstrating gameplay, various games Interesting!
Gamecabinet Very large number of reviews.  Excellent site!
Gamereport Large number of recent games reviewed (commercially) Good site!
Gamesite Large number of gamereviews
GamersWeb Reviews of RPG/D&D/Miniatures games
GamesWePlay A very good German site with reviews (mainly German-style games)
GlobetrotterGames Guy with a lot of games/reviews...
Grognard THE wargaming site TableTopTactics is a general shop for wargamming stuff
TheMiniatures page Nice starting page for Miniatures games (mainly war games)
Nevermoregames Various 'underground' games. Interesting.
Pun-The-Hun Excellent wargame site
Speilbox German review site. Forums, events, it's all there
VanderArk Kids games reviews. David VanderArk is an authority on this subject. Lots of contributions to the news groups.
Ruling sites Description Remark
Vlaams Spellen archief The best Dutch / Belgium link around. Check the main site for review, dutch rule translations, etc.  
Boardgamers TV RULES ARE EXPLAINED BY VIDEOFEED!!!!! Most of the time by the actual developer!
CentralConnector Ruling of various rather unknown games
Game-Cabinet The ruling section of Game Cabinet
Neonate Lots of user inputs: reviews, translations, etc.
Pagat Various Rulings
Rio Grande Game publisher with ruling of some its games (Big City, Ceaser & Cleopatra, El Caballero, etc.)
Free games Description Remark
Archmage Archmage is some kind of Magic The Gathering with standard playing cards.
BoneGames BoneGames has some excellent free games available
Cheapass Some free, but not very bright though
FreeWarGameRules Some rulings on wargaming
Gamesbook Good database, various free games
Geoff Some classical game theory games
Kingdom&Crowns An interesting freeware game
Lord of the Rings A homebrew Lord of the Rings game. Racing game.
MSO World A large number of brainteasing games
Mithrole Some VERY interesting demogames (Witch Hunt, Night of the Ill-Tempered Squirrel and Shrimpin')
Pagat All kinds of (free) card games
Unplugged Webring Three sites with free/inexpensive games
More unplugged games More links to free/inexpensive games (great SET! link).
X_other Here are some freeware computer versions of boardgames available (e.g. Settlers).
NL Shops Description Remark
The Cave Comic shop, downstairs lots of Warhammer / D&D games. Oude Gracht 194,
Djinn's Pure Magic Magic/Pokemon auctions. They've recently opened a 'real-life' shop.  Djinn's Pure Magic, Beekstraat 77B,
6001 GH Weert. 0495-533620
Fampit Dutch second hand boardgames shop. Good collection.
Gamekeeper Various games, including family games but also specific games (Warhammer, MtG, import games), cool owner. Hartenstraat 14, 
1016 CB Amsterdam, 020-6381579
The Joker Very good boardgame shop.  Oudegracht 230a, 3511 NT Utrecht, 030-2332158
Keystone Novelty Store Secondhand shop, with one cabinet of (interesting) secondhand games Huidenstraat 28, 
1916 ET Amsterdam, 020-6252660
Smilmer Dutch internet shop for (PC) games/toys
UK/US Shops Description Remark
Mark Lockland(UK)  Auction site MtG / Pokemon, have bought a lot of cards here
Dantiques Very good online shop for second hand board games.  Give my regards to Dan!
Glipe UK shop with a bunch of various OOP games, inlcuding GW games, D&D and miniatures. Mostly 2nd hand
Bouldergames Another US online shopper. LOTS of games
Fantasy Flight Mostly fantasy (Tolkien alike) games. Also market information
FunagainGames Good shop, lots of review & interviews
Gamecabinet Portal to various online game shops
Gamesale UK online shop (and also real life). Give my regards to Stephen Tavener for helping me out with my GW-game page.
Games Emporium OnLine
GamesRealm This site has an awfull lot of great games, lots of them are considered OOP
Hastur Hobbies Various collectable games
Hobby Heroes Bought some MageKnight stuff here at discount price. Very good/large collection of games/toys.
Legendgames(UK) Various games incl. free RPG games. Some OOP games.
Mayfair Games, Inc. Lots of games, good review database
Mythrole On line shop with underground games
Spirit Games UK online shop with lots of games Organizes apparantly great game parties
PJJC Several collectable games (Magic, MageKnight, Pokemon, etc)
TNC Magic Collectable stuff, including various miniatures. VERY LARGE ASSORTEMENT ON COLLECTABLE GAMES
Gaming Clubs Description Remark
Vlaams Spellen archief Very active Belgium Gaming Club
BGA Belfast Belfast Gaming Club
Magazines Description Remark
Counter Subscription via FunAgain  
Games Games Games via   
Games Gazette Ron Magin
Managing Director
Eurogames / Descartes - USA, Inc.
P.O. Box 953
Phoenixville, PA 19460
Game Report Subscription via GameReport  
Game Unplugged Subscription via GamesUnplugged  
Inquest Mainly CCG's.  
Game, Games, Games click here


Publishers Sites Description Remark
Prism Games Publishers of Throwing Stones (Fantasy stones) and other Gamesmiths' games.


Looking for add ons for games? 

bulletRoboRally: here are the ingredients for designing your own boards, check here to check on what they do. Here you will find a GREAT rally board editor, made by Norbert Langerman.. In Addition some mre links that might be usefull:;list is the Roborally Webring;
for new boards; if you want to buy miniatures?
bulletDie Siedler: here you will find additional pieces for Die Siedler.
bulletWarhammer: Armybuilder for Games Workshop, 
FREE 40k card buildings -
40k3 list -
40k Fluff list -
Astartes list -
Chaos list -
Grey Knights -
Guard list -
Sons Of Russ -
Unforgiven -
bulletScenery for Wargames / Skirmish Games
Paper scenery:
FREE 40k card buildings -

Wanna play over the Internet?

If you want to play board games on the web, I suggest this link. Gemstone is another great (text base) D&D game. If the link is gone, check There is actually a CCG that you can play over the internet, called ChronX. And yes, you actually have to pay REAL money to get the cards. has also loads of java programmed games.



How is the game market doing?

Games Workshop : GW only has a single concept diversifications, targetted at the young/male market. Besides that, GW is a hobby rather than a game, so you choose to play this game: It's a love-it/hate-it product. 

Hasbro: Hasbro's well-diversified portfolio includes some of the best known brands in the world, including Global brands like Furby™, Mr. Potato Head ®, Monopoly®, Playskool®, Play-Doh® and Wizards of the Coast; Regional brands like ActionMan®, Scrabble® and Tonka®; and Partnership brands like Pokémon™, Star Wars™, Batman™, Teletubbies™ and Superman®.

Ravenburger AG: the german financial site of Ravensburger (toys, electronic games, boardgames). 

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Other stuff Collectable Games an american gaming group Ruscon Dan Becker's GG. a good game publisher (GMT)

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