Collectors links
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Collectors links

Below you find some links to various collectors. If you really want look a 'real' collectors, check these. AGCA is the game collectors webring.

I can really recommend these for their speciality of collecting


Collectors sites Description Remark
Tony Nardo Political Game site
Impressive site dedicated to games regarding American Presidents.

Check the 'My Political Games' link on his site

Don Dueck Dice Collection
What do you mean, there is to more to dices than a just a six sided dice? Also check RandomFandom
Vlaams Spellenarchief
The best Dutch language game site around. Loads of rules translations, reviews etc.

One other thing, if you read the news groups, you usually come across the same names every time. Here are some regular posters and their websites.

Famous Poster Description Website Email
David DesJardins
Bruno Faidutti Author of number of (great) games
Geenius at Wrok
Justin B. Green
Andreas Keirat Married to Claudia Schlee
Glenn Kuntz THE crokonil expert! and many other games
Tony Nardo
Claudia Schlee Married to Andreas Keirat
The Doctor
David VanderArk