My Top5's
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Top 5 Lists

Below you find all kinds of Top lists that I compiles. In general, if a game states [boyz game], it means that you have no chance meeting a girl while playing this game. Girls just don't seem to like these kind of games. For the record, I prefer English languaged games if possible.

My top 5 recommandation Games

If someone would ask me 'what game should I buy' (assuming that person would already owns Chess, basic card sets, Scrabble and all other standard games and would not like get a complete assesment) my answer would be:

  1. Aquire (50 Euro), never understood why this game is not released in the Netherlands, as it is 10x better than Monopoly.
  2. Set!, suitable for adult and kids, 2-6+ players I guess (15 Euro), very good family game (boyz, girlz, kidz)
  3. Siedler (30 Euro), a classic
  4. Roborally (40 Euro), refreshing and fun
  5. Magic the Gathering (4 starter decks and a few boosters for a complete 2-player game) (50 Euro)

Some tips:

bulletMordheim (60 Euro) [boyz game], starting your Games Workshop Miniature addiction
bullet(tip) Bloodbowl + a few starplayers (Griff Oberwald, Morg 'N' Thorg, Fungus the Loom, Nobbla Blackwart) (75 Euro) [Note: boyz game]
bullet(tip) Lord of the Rings (35 Euro), helps if you are familier with Tolkien.

I would especially recommand German Style games, I guess.

My top 5 non-recommandation Games

There are propably far worse games that below (see the FAQ), but below are the games that I own and would only recommand to people I really dislike.

  1. Mechwarrior: this game is non-playable
  2. A large number of CCG's, actually most of them excluding Magic and Middle Earth
  3. Monopoly (I hate this game, playing for hours before the real fun begins)
  4. (and 5) all the games I sold off and I don't wanny be remembered of (actually I deleted the names of those games from my memory so might buy them again)

My top 5 Enjoyable Games

These are the game that I currently play.

  1. Aquire: my current favorite, easy to learn, fun to play, nice look&feel
  2. Siedler: what can I say, good game
  3. Magic The Gathering: always nice to play, you need to buy a lot of cards to figure out that you only need a starter or two to have fun.
  4. Bloodbowl: as I love the concept of Games Workshop, this is a nice board game version. You need some starplayers to really enjoy the game I guess.  
  5. Elchfest: esp. with my kids, not much of a game though, excellent as game evening close (playing for rounds)

In addition (nov. 2000), Set!, Mordheim.

My top 5 To Play Games

These are the games I will be playing at short notice, expecting a lot of fun from it:

  1. Tikal
  2. Euphrat & Tigris
  3. Conquistador
  4. Ceasar & Cleopatra
  5. Elfenland

My top 5 Jewels in the Crown Games

  1. Talisman 2nd Edition
  2. (Escape from) Colditz Dutch Edition
  3. Mega Mania/ Block Mania (not a great game though)
  4. The large amount of MtG Cards I have
  5. The blood bowl collection

My top 5 Game Mechanics

These are the games that have the most interesting game mechanics:

  1. Games Workshop: complex, lots of features, but very time consuming, you propably need to be a freak to really enjoy these kind of games. I esp. liked Morheim / Bloodbowl since these are propably the most low cost GW-games (with lots of fun) (eh, don't ask me how much money I have spend on the 'low cost' games. The main fun is the flexible usability of the basic game mechanics [boyz game]
  2. Magic The Gathering, brilliant in total, incl. the marketing concept
  3. Aquire: Simple and challenging
  4. Siedler: one of the best games around
  5. Go: all time classic, and as main spin off: CHESS!!!! [boyz game]

My top 5 special games

  1. My heaviest game (in kilograms): Warhammer/Magic (I guess Magic wins. Yes, it really beats all the metal figures of the Games Workshop games, so don't ask how many card I have: A LOT!)
  2. My fastest game: Set!
  3. My most stupid game: Elchfest (and still very funny)
  4. My most expensive games: Games Workshop / Magic the Gathering (MtG wins again here, I guess)
  5. The game I searched for the longest: Colditz