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Stratego Legends

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abalone is kind of dames/go game where you have to push your opponents' marbles off the board. Interesting strategy game. Made in France by Abalone SA, distributed by Hasbro. Note, game can be played with 3 players (need to buy extension) online play


all-star baseball (Cadaco 1989) No. 283. Play real baseball with real major league stars. This is the set with properly spelled disc for Mark McGwire (spelled 'McGwire' on the disc and box). 62 player discs with full-color pictures (40 euro). You really need to be BB lover to like this game (= this game sucks, althoug the mechanism is interesting).  
backgammon, still a very popular luck/strategy game. People tend to get addicted to this game, especially when money is involved it becomes a real betting game. aboutgames

Below you see the tiles
 of Dungeon Bowl 

bloodbowl is a spin off from Games Workshop / Warhammer. It is a variant of american football, played by humans, orcs, elfs, halflings, etc. The fun part is, you can customize your own team (e.g. humans) with it initial setup (number of line-men, catchers, throwers) and additional 'star'-players.  So can your opponent. The standard game comes with a standard Human and Orc team (no starplayers included). Various other teams can be bought seperatly, including additional ruling sets including wizards and coaches (DeadZone). Strategy game, customizable game (various teams, teamplayers, add on's). Btw, I own the DeathZone and Starplayer supplement together with a bunch of teams and starplayers (loads!). If you check my inventory left side: LOADS OF PICTURES!.(see my special GW-page)
I do own the Dungeon Bowl tiles and counters (not the box/minatures)
Rulings (Dutch)

Dungeon Bowl tiles

Bloodbowl Catalogue

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Spike! Online
Blood Bowl Central
The Blood Dome
Spike! Online
Blood Bowl Central
The Blood Dome

Games Workshop

bomberz over da red sulpha river, tactical wargame between Orcish and Human starships. (see my special GW-page). OOP (not much of a game though)  


chess is one of the most popular strategic games around in Europe and probably one of the only ones with high paid professional players. I own various board included hand crafted ones (left). The one shown on the right is a Disney variant. A very nice version I have seen (but did not buy) was an hand painted Asterix & Obelix version. Off course there is a Starwars Chess set, Star Trek set etc. To the very right a chess clock. Just for the record, I'm used to be a fanatic chess player, I own lots of chess books. Every civizilized person should know how to play chess to certain level.

nightmare chess, by the way, is for those people who mastered the game and looking for something new. Both players get a hand of cards (based on rules) and play them when suitable (getting an extra rook, exchange a piece with your opponent, etc.). Looked liked a funny concept but became boring because I still liked the original game much more. Created by Bruno Faidutti (check his site), published by steve Jackson Games





Faidutti (KC)


dames is another traditional game. Has been, still is, I must say, very popular in the Netherlands for quite a while. Several world champions are Dutch as a matter of facts. Although looking very simple, very hard to master. Played on a 10x10 squares board, only played on the white squares you have to capture all the stones of the opponent player. Various spin-offs (like playing on a 8x8 board) and a three player version (amro dam).  
diskwars: aquired in (june) 2000, not really played yet. It's a combination of Warhammer and Magic the Gathering. I would say, it's a poor-man's Warhammer (well, i'm not quite sure it is actually intended for 'poor' people (wait until you see the prices)). Desktop game. Published early 2000. Seems to be dead by the end 2000 (as most players will have figured that it is as expensive as Warhammer, but not as flexible and fun). Not sure if this game is also suitable for 2+ players, but I guess so. www.diskwars.com


elchfest (11-00) is a hilerious game, you have to move your 'Elch' from one island to the other by shooting small 'stones' with your fingers in position, so the elch can step on and move forward. Kids really like this game and for adults: in combination with alcohol an absolute killer (playing for rounds doubles the fun). I usually play this game at the end of an evening of game-playing with the left-over players. FUN!!!  
go is probably the mother of all strategy games. Easy to learn, impossible to master. Thousands of years old. There are many good Go sites all over the world, as a matter of facts, professional Go-players can be found in Japan and in some Western countries. The good news about Go is, that it can be played with handicaps. So even if you are not much of a player, you will get advantages upfront to confront any (better) player. gameclub
goBang is a spin off from go, it uses the same board and stones. The objective is to get five-in-a-row. As Go, easy to learn, hard to master.  
havanna is typical Go-spin off. Although the board is different, the game really resembles Go in all its ways. Goal is to obtain as much 'board power' as possible (sound familiar?). Published by Ravensburger 1981.  
magic4 is a typical tic-tac-toe spin off. It has however a very funny element: magnetics. You are not sure of the color you are going to place, so a luck element has been introduced. Very funny in combination with alcohol. Published by Dissen in 1998.  
mastermind (Clipper) was one of the first international award winning games, I know of. Pretty clever concept. Kids love it (for a while). I enjoyed figuring out several strategies, but once you managed some of those, you just apply those rules.   
reversi is another game that is being supported by many computers and handhelds. Also know as othello  




stratego is another of the famous 1to1 strategy games. Typical exampla of 'fog of war' game. There are various variants to this game, including multi-player. Recently Hasbro released a customizable edition: Stratego Legends (or here (Avalon Hill/Hasbro), featuring orcs, undead and other fantasy figures. If you are into customizable games AND Stratego AND fantasy, this is a must.  SL is multiplayer (must have move boxed sets / boosters / tiles though). See my inventory

And once you have Stratego, why not make 145 variants to that? Krijgsspel (Wargame) is a complete copy, only different number of tiles and the soldiers are 21th century warriors, distributed as a travel game. Should I give show more variants? No. (This one is produced by Tomland, who produces many el-cheapo travel copies of famous games)





Stratego Legends


yali is interesting game as it combines physical balance and strategy. Players have to move their marbles from one side to the other. As long as the Yali-balance points to your side, you may move your marble one place at the time or by jumping over another marble. A bit of combination of Halma and skill game.  
ze smelten de kazen ('melting the cheese') is simple boardgame based on the Siege of Woerden. Actually it's name is based on a commercial of Eru (cheese company), who sponsored the game (and added some commercial information to the ruling booklet). Here again, the game is pretty straightforward but having the game sponsored is a quite funny concept. Published by Jumbo in 1990's.  
I Haven't got a clue what kind of wargame this is. I bought this game in a Chinese shop, instructions and all hints are in chinese. Lots of representations of ships, airplanes, soldiers, etc. Quality of the stuff is very poor (everything seems to fall apart). If you can read chinese, let me know, I'll send you the instructions for translation.