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I had loads of pictures of BB players on this page (300+), but I removed them as it took far too long to edit/load. If you are looking for pictures of miniatures miniatures + order number (games workshop) check this link. I just left the essentials. Also, check Ebay is you want great pictures of oops.

Best Bloodbowl link is start4all or Bloodbowl Startpagina

Bloodbowl v3 is recently (jan 2001) re-released. If you are looking for alternative BB-miniatures: 

  1. Shadowforge: sexy female bloodbowl players (including Playboy alike Bunnies. I esp. like the girl opening her shirt to catch the ball.)
  2. Miggle (taken from another Football game)

Interesting difference with older versions are the 'kickers'. Haven't got a clue what they do, but I sure like them.

If you like to buy individual miniatures I suggest games-workshop, newwave


The Game Bloodbowl Box v3 itself contains the following pieces:

- Blood Bowl 15 x 26 grid Playing Field
- 12 Plastic Orc Players
- 12 Plastic Human Players
- 4 Plastic Footballs
- Blood Bowl Handbook
- The Blood Bowl Painting Guide
- How To Play Blood Bowl Guide
- 50 Sheet Pad Of Team Rosters
- 2 Quick Reference Sheets
- 2 Team Cards
- 4 Star Player Cards
- 2 Colour Dugouts
- 37 Colour Counters
- 1 Scatter Template
- 1 Throw-In Template
- 1 Range Ruler
- 2 Six Sided Dice
- 1 Eight Sided Dice
- 3 Special Blocking Dice

If you want to buy Bloodbowl stuff, check the following adresses

bulletall affiliated shops (NL/BE winkels)
bulletGames Workshop shops oa. 
bulletAMSTERDAM: Rokin 36, 1012kt. Tel: (0031) 206 223 863
bulletROTTERDAM: Van oldenbarnevelt plaats 452. Tel: (0031) 102 800 268
bulletNIJMEGEN: Stikke Hezelstraat 48. Tel: (0031) 243 224 700
bulletHAARLEM: Gierstraat 29, 2011 GA, Tel: (0031) 23 5517 677
bulletGames Workshop Mail order (UK)
bullet  Games Workshop site in the UK (this one has a better range than others). Watch out: for OOP stuff, choose 'Da Troll Cave', here you can find left-overs (e.g. older starplayers)
bulletFanatic site of Games Workshop, many GW spinoff stuff can be found here (Mordheim, Bloodbowl, etc.)

Below you'll find a catalogue of BB-stuff. Many things are Out Of Print. Because GW changed coding over time, different order numbers are used for the same article. 

BloodBowl stuff

 # Name Remark E
OOP Bloodbowl v1

No real miniatures, only pieces of cardboard. 

-Deathzone (comes with even more paper players (Norse, knights, peasants, werewolfs etc.)

OOP Bloodbowl v2

Larger board, wide range of minatures.

-Starplayer book
-Rules compandium
-Dungeon Bowl
-Kerrunch (standalone)

Miniatures catalogue here


(Collecters item)

Starplayer Book
Hardcover book on starplayers. Starplayer cards & counters are included, but need to be cut from the book. 50


Bloodbowl Compendium 1-3
Booklets. Updates on teams, starplayers.  8
(collectors item)
BloodBowl Companion
Hardcover book 40
OOP Kerrunch (1991)

Standalone BB version.   
OOP Dungeon Bowl (BB v2 Spin off)

click here for the tiles

Subterrain BloodBowl, comes with 2x16 players (elves & dwarfs), 4 plastic spiked footbals, 6 (large) dungeon tiles, 2 end zones, 4 plastic doors, 12 treasures chest counters, 10 chest trap counters, 2 ball counters, 12 teleport counters (numbered 1-12), 12 nothing counters, 8 pit trap counters, 4 spiked pit trap counters. Also included are 32 slotta bases in 5 different collors (6 red: blitzers, 6 green (blockers), 6 yellow (catchers), 4 white (throwers), 14 grey (linemen). 
Rules are often used in combination with custom created dungeon bowl fields
OOP Bloodbowl v3

Rules updates, less minatures range


released in 1995

60010999001 Bloodbowl v3 re-release
Same as v3, + orderform + smaller box

released 1998

Check GW site Bloodbowl v4 Just a complete rules update (booklet). No box.  
OOP Deathzone v1    
  Deathzone v2 New teams
Starplayer cards
44 dirty tricks
45 random events
27 magic cards
rules for leagues
other stuff
Special Things
73348/6A Dwarven Referee   3
73336/8 Human Referee   3

Pictures taken from own collection, Games-Workshop site, Cowell's site