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2+Player Board Games 

Note: if you are in need of any rulings of the games below, let me know and I'll help you out! If you have any question, let me know.

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'Het 1845 spel' was the propably one of the first board games I ever played. As your life progresses (from 1-100) you will need to buy insurrances to avoid major personal disasters. The one who becomes 100 years old first, wins. Lookalike of 'Ganzebord'. Racing game. Published by insurance company 'De Nederlanden van 1845' (taken over by Nationale Nederlanden/ING Group)in the 1960's.  no need for a site this game is far too simple and outdated!

If you require the rulings, please let me know.

221-B Baker Street (Hansen 1977) The master detective game in the flat box format: typical detective game. Case Set #1, #2 and #3 with 20 cases to solve in each. (40 Euro). Drawbacks: per case only a limited nr. of clues (about 10): once a player solves a case, he knows the solution (forever...). Game has 9 expension sets in total (each 20 case), but all are OOP. Game Rules
agrarisch aan- & verkoop spel, bought at a flee market for 1 Euro. An agriculture based business game, sponsored by cebeco / floriado. A typical sponsored game, you really need to be in it to play this game (BORING!). I guess if the theme would have been choosen differently, it could have been a nice game.  
amro dam (Pimpernel 1977) is a three player version of dammen / dames. Apparently a company gift from the amro bank (the former ABN AMRO bank).  
aquire is a classic in business simulation. Belongs in any game players collection. The mechanics are refreshing and different to other games: you help grow a business, not neccesarely yours while making money on the stock market. Very innovative/entertaining. Very easy to learn. A 'must-have' game. Aquire is developed by Avalon Hill, taken over by Hasbro (40 Euro). Dutch rulings can be found this site (here)


battletech is a typical skirmish game, where the players maneuver their robot into the field and kill the other robots. By the way, there is a whole range of Mech-games, including RPG, CCG's and software programs. Complex counting system, lots of armor and weaponary around, including hardpaper mechwarriors. The game includes a introduction rule book for helping new players getting around fast. The gameboard is extensible. You can collect the metal MechWarrior Models. Far to complex rulings (freak game). Game is published by Fasa (1996).   Fasa
blockmania (2P game) and megamania (the multiplayer expension) is one of the Judge Dredd spin off. Published by GW (1987). Personally I think the game has a poor mechanism (only read the rules yet, not played). Game carries the same art as the origial JD-comics. Need to be a Judge Dredd/GW lover... (see my special GW-page)  
business is an interesting monopoly-kind of game with a twist. You must buy production goods, produce something and then sell it to the market. Entertaining but somewhat broken (BUY ALL THE GASS!). Sponsored by major Dutch companies (Heineken, AHold). companies. Appears that this game was a company-gift. Key mechanic is dealing. The game was distributed by Clipper in the 80's. (Payed 15 Euro (normally 35 Euro)  
De betoverde doolhof (amzeing labyrinth), kind of kids game. Players have to pick up good in an everchanging labirinth. Published by Ravensburger. Game won many awards. 1-4 players.   
calamity is GW game published in ass. with  the Sentry Group of Insurance companies. Designed by Andrew Lloyd Webber (yes the famous one). Mechanics from Derec Carver and Ian Livingstone. Very OOP (20-50 Euro) (1983) (see my special GW-page)  
cartino is typicall playing cards - spinoff. It is actually a enjoyable game. Published by Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburger (1976)  
cheers is a typical 'TV-spin off' based on the popular series. Bought this one for $3 at Ebay (excl. shipping!). A trivia game based on the humor/characters of cheers. Classic Games (1991)  
cluedo is the traditional 'Whodunnit' game, with the famous mrs. Scarlett, Prof. Plum and all the others. Typical family game. Racing game with induction/deduction mechanics. Published by Clipper and Waddington. If you like these games, you might want to try the CCG X-files (knife is missing).  
chinese checkers / halma is another 'old' game, where you have to move you paws to the opposing site, either by walking (on step at the time) or by jumping. Bit of a spin-off of dames.  
civilization is not really a Risk spinoff, but fits in the many evolution games (see also Die Siedler). The computer game (by Microprose) is also very enjoyble. War and Conflict can be a major part of the game but is usually not decisive. Cooperation with your opponents is the key to winning the game.   
colditz is a classical race/escape game. It's situated in the German prison camp Colditz. One player plays the German side, stopping prisoners from escaping while the other players (1-5) play allied prisoners, trying to escape. The Allied player(s) sets up a strategy to escape, collecting the things needed (while trying to mislead the german player) with the ultimate goal to have one prisoner of his group escaping. Published by Clipper (ref. nr 190158) . Game is OOP.  
conquistador / el caballero, recently bought (10-00). Not played yet, distributed in the Netherlands by 999Games.  Rio Grande
cosmic encounter (GW in coop with EON) is a classical game. (see my special GW-page)

OOP (1978)

ON MY WISHLIST... diplomacy is THE game when it comes to politics. This is not a game you play in 40 minutes. It usually takes days, since the game allows you to set up treaties outside the game (while the game in progress), just like in real life.  Scientific approach
  domino is classical game. I have normal versions as well as kid versions.   
dragon quest (TSR) is another Fantasy Minature Game. Requires a Dungeon Master player to play. Comes with 6 Ral Partha metal miniatures (ISBN 1-56076-552-b)  

dungeon floor plans 'games workshop' and 'task force)', not actually a game but can be used as board for Dragons/Dungeons/Fantasy games. I bought these floorplans as part of my game designing activities. Note that the Task Force edition includes a rule set for tile to be laid and hints for a dungeon/game-master. The GW one 'thick paper' that need to be cut by scissors or so. The both didn't cost much, but aren't of any quality either (I actually expected Warhammer Quest quality).

dungeon rooms (GW) is another set I have, comes with 12 sheets / 23 rooms (thick paper, but not the quality if GW Warhammer Quest) and some hints/tips/etc. for use.

dungeon quest, OOP Games Workshop (see my special GW-page). 1-4 player Adventure game. As I bought this game second hand via Ebay, it's not fully complete (but playable: a few counters are missing). The many cards provide interesting mechanics. Not much interaction between players though. Globetrotter
elfenland is 'Spiel Des Jahres 1999', that should say enough. The games is base on the 'Traveling Agent'-problem. Very well designed by Alan R. Moon. This game is 'must have'. Distributed by 999 games (NL). 30 Euro / 60 minutes.

elfengold is a (must have) extension of the game. Includes money, auction system, magic, etc. 10 Euro. 

euphrat & tigris (11-00) is a game I bought based the many good reviews in the newsgroups and independant sites. Haven't played yet. Published by Hans im Gluck, distributed in NL by 999Games. 'Must-have'-game.  
eurocracy is a political game, try to get a much political influence as possible. Haven't played this yet, but the mechanic looks promising. Published by euroknow, 1992. 2-6 players, 60-90 minutes, age: 10+. ISBN 90-6916-119-2.  
Mother Goose, 'ganzebord' is a very traditional game, usually one of the first games kids play when they can count. It tells the story of a young goose growing up and adventuring. A typical look-alike of Ladders&Snakes. Racing game. no need for a site this game is far too simple!
greenworld (het grote milieuspel), basicrule: avoid any game that has 'het grote ... spel'  ('the big ... game') in its name. Rescue the world by planting trees or something alike. Kind of trivia game, based on environmental questions. Published by scoregame, 1991. 2-4 players, 12+, 60 minutes play time.  
grenzeloos (Without Borders) is European Commision promotion game. About trade within the EC, not played yet, but not much of a game I suspect. HEAVILY SPONSORED by all kind of manufacturers!!! (Developed by Score Promotion BV 1989)   
heroquest is another simple D&D game, released by MB/Games Workshop. Requires a game master to play (I hate that!). In addition, I have the expansion 'kellar's keep'  
advanced heroquest is the predecessor of the warhammer quest. It has a better mechanism but is has also a free format dungeon. Site 1


how to host a murder (grapes of frath) is a (fixed) 8 person game, to be played during so-called 'murder-dinners'. Assume the role of one of the eight worldly characters. Imagine yourself, 1928, aboard a luxury yacht as you and your dinner guests enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue. Solve the mystery, discover the murderer, & prove yourself innocent of the crime. Contents: Cassette tape revealing the murder details, host's guide & instructions, 5 invitations (I miss 3, but that's no problem, they are all identical), 8 player clue manuals, & secret clues. Vince Price (Decipher, 1989, ISBN 5550741598). I once had one of these games as a business treat, not impressed (as I was not in the mood). Decipher
james bond is the first game I ever bought myself, without consulting my parents (I was seven or something). Basic concept: your agent picks up a suitcase on the island and returns home safely. You can travel by plane, taxi, chopper and boat. You can however also walk and/or swim. The other agents (player) will try the same or may even attempt to steal the suitcase from you.  Family game, 1-4 player, not complex. Basic mechanic is racing. Published by Jumbo, 196?.  
judge dredd is a typical 'comic' spin off. GW published a number of games in this line, typically D&D games. This is the board game. The board is in good condition, 54 action cards,21 sector cards, 28 perp cards, 28 crime cards, 6 Judge Dredd cards, and 1 turn star card all in good condition, 1 dice, surpose to have 6 playing pieces but only has 2. This game has a very simple, effective combat system.  
jurassic park is a spin off from the movie. Kind of racing game: who gets to the safe zone first, while blocking the other playes. Published by parker / hasbro 1992. Mine is not complete (missing some 3 dinosauresses), but playable.   
klok en hamer spel is game I bought at a flee market. It's definitely an old game (since the rules were written in 'old' Dutch. Haven't got a clue if it's complete, since I really don't understand the rules. Apparently it's complete though.  
krash is recent 2+ player game (2000) that involves cars and is a kind of car wars. You can collect (and paint) the different parts of a car (including weapons and ramming gear) as you can customize your own cars to fight with. Not very familiar with this game. Doesn't seem to be a winner, by the end of 2000 most of it was removed by most the gameshops I visit. Published by Cell Entertainment. Table top game. Cell Entertainment
lord of the rings / In de ban van de ring (12-00) is the ultimate game for Tolkien lovers. It follows the book quit good (relatively of course). The game is special in a sence that cooperation between the players is key. The situation can arise that everyone looses. It was designed by Reiner Knizia and distributed by  distributed by Hasbro (who else) in the USA and 999 games in NL. Game costs about 35 Euro. Playing time 60-90 minutes. Game has a very high score on all gaming sites: very good well-designed game (it propably also helps if you are a Tolkien fan). 5 gaming boards!!!! Kosmos 


Tolkien related

mad is a typicall Monopoly spin-off, very funny in combination with alcohol. Also funny to play with kids, once they mastered Monopoly. Looks a bit like Anti-Monopoly. Recognizable cartoons for the "Mad"-lovers from the seventies. Published by Clipper / Parker Brothers, 1979. no need for a site this game is far too simple once you mastered monopoly
mageknight is a collectable miniature table top wargame, a bit of lookalike of Skirmish Warhammer. Figures are of plastic and prepainted. If you like table top miniature wargaming and skirmish, this is easy to learn (8 small pages of rulings).  Mageknight home
Dutch online shop

some dutch players
mah jong is another 'Mother of', in this case card games. Very interesting game with many variants. Apparently played since 960 AD. If you are not familiar with the game, it looks like Rummy or the Dutch 'Jokeren'-card games. Has nothing to do with the popular computer 'Mah Jong' game, other than that the japanese signs are copied (well actually, you could play the solitary verions with the 'real-life' game). The game has a very nice 'look-and-feel' and if you are really into it, you might consider buying an ancient ivory set (may cost a few bucks though).   the majexchange
  memory is a game that is very popular by (families with) children. The basic principle is to remember the fysical location of certain cards. This mechanism is copied many times, usually with a different theme (Dalmatiers, Disney, Cars, etc. memory) or small twists in the rules. no need for a site this game is far too simple!
'mens, erger je niet' / (Parchesi) is another classical kids game. Here you see the 'modern-mechanized' version with the automatic dice roller (in order to avoid cheating I guess). Racing game. no need for a site this game is far too simple!
monopoly, the mother of all family games, should I say more?  Published by Parker. Should I mention that I have the Pokemon version as well? Note that gameplay can take forever due to the racing mechanism, wich actually does not contribute to the basic game! aboutgames
mordheim: see Warhammer Mordheim below  
oog des meesters / reals of arkania is a simple version of the famous Dragons & Dungeons games. It was published in the Neterhlands, early 80's. actually a translation from the german 'Das Zwarge Auge'. Published by Schmidt Spiele, taken over by Fanpro. Game is OOP, fanpro published several add ons (scenario's). I did see a new version recently. Has several additional scenario's. 25 Euro. fanpro

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olie (oil) is economic simulation in the search for oil, not played yet. Might actually improve your geographical knowledge. Appears to be sponsored by Britisch Petrol. Not played yet (Ravensburger)  
pictionary is a 'Charade'-alike game. One of the players of one team has to draw something and the other team-mates have to guess it. Then the other team takes a shot. Family/Social game. Distributed by Parker.   
risk is the classical game of world domination, where the object is to conquer the world (or in later editions, to fullfill a specific goal). To win, you must attack to acquire territory, and defending it to keep it from you opponents. The board represents the world and dices decide whether you win or loose battles. Classical game. Has many spin-offs, mainly more complex (Axis & Allies, Diplomacy, Shogun (see below), etc.). Classic.  


roborally is one of my 'every-once-in-a-while' favorite games-concept. Very entertaining and easy to learn. This game is about programming a robot (by cards you draw and put in a optimal order) to either kill all it's enemies or travel a certain road and finish first.You can set up strategies based on what you expect your opponent will do. The game comes with 4 floors. There are several add on's such as Armed & Dangerous (new boards new option cards). Key mechanic is racing and setting your strategy for a certain road, keeping the other players strategy in mind.  The game designed by Richard Garfield (Magic the Gathering!!!). WotC. Your own boards

Erics RR page

Wizard of the Coast

rogue trooper: Players each take on the role of one of the last G.I.s (Genetic Infantrymen) left alive after an infamous massacre.In this board game based on characters from the British comic magazine 2000AD, you must complete missions to gain clues to find the traitor who destroyed your fellow GIs. OOP (1987) (30-50 Euro) (see my special GW-page) Rogue Trooper


scrabble / boardscript or one of the other many names Scrabble-variant are known by, is one of the most popular word-games aroung. Boardscript is published by Jumbo. Belongs in any household. Typically family / social game.  In addition to the 'classic' Scrabble there is also a card version (published by Mattel (ISBN 5-011363524213 (NL-version)). I should note that this version takes a lot of table space... Along with Scrabble come a large number of other word games. They're known by various names. A typical example is were the player roll dices as above a try to make as many words possible with the given letters is a limited amount of time. Many variants and many publishers. Typicial non-cooperative game: you are on your own. Another family/social game.  
the settlers / die siedler / de kolonisten is a German game, designed by Klaus Tauber. This game is absolutely TOP! There are many sites around that can tell you more about this game (and the many add-on's) than I can. Cooperation is key for winning. For the record, this game is (also!) popular among women. Check the web-ring, goto cosmos, die-siedler or various other cool sites. 'Must-have'-game.  
shogun is a typical Risk spin-off, more complex and more detailled. Just like Axis&Allies: many devoted players around. Not an easy to learn game, but very interesting. Lots of miniatures (see picture to the right). Shogun is published by Milton Bradley and distributed by MBGamemasters (1985). Another game that is rather simular to Shogun (as a more complex Risk game) is Axis&Allies.  
snakes & ladders, many variants. I own a pink panther (de roze panter, het adder- en ladderspel) variant for example, published by MB, 1984. Typical kids game.  
Starwars, Miniatures desktop game. Desktop game with nice miniatures from Starwars. From WoTC. As usual, very expensive, but nice mechanics (esp. if you are into Star Wars, you will like anything don't you?). www.wizards.com
starwars, escape from the death star is one those games, typically aiming at (star wars) collectors. Absolute stupid game. (Kenner, 1977).  Kenner is a star wars merchandise producer, loads of star wars miniatures.

talisman is one of the top games of Games Workshop. Combination of racing, table top gaming and fantasy (incl. character building). This is a game I was looking for a long time. (bought feb 2001, 100 Euro). Interesting, although simple. Simple game mechanics. Very amusing (a TOP piece of my collection, mainly because of it's history)

(see my special GW-page)



targui is an interesting game, due to the fact the game-board is (nearly) random, every game. I guess it was one of the first 'boardtile-laying' games around. Next to that, it is very decent game in general. Two or more tribes fight for domination, but the game is more based on evolution than on war (comparable to Die Siedler). Published by Jumbo, 1988.  
tikal is the American / German(!) / Belgium Game of year 1999, who am I to doubt those critics. Have no played yet. Published by Ravensburger, developed by RioGrande, 2-4 players, 1 hour+. Not played that much yet. Rio Grande

trivial pursuit is a classical 'knowledge-game'. Developed late 70's, early 80's this game hit the roof. Many new editions (sports, years, events, etc) around. There are junior editions etc.  Published by Parker and Horn/Abbot. Still very amusing and entertaining. Has lots of spin-offs and look-a-likes. Typical family/social game.

blik op de eeuw is trivial pursuit spin-off (knowledge game), as published for PTT Post (aka TPG these days) as a gift for its relations. You can buy it in some shops though (as a collection item). Part of the fun is that every question card has 10 question, one regarding PTT Post. Questions in general are related to the 10 decades of the 20th century. Published by PTT Post. As I understood there is a also a non-sponsored version.

weetjes is another trivial pursuit spin off, that is a 'knowledge game', with the difference that it is a card game. It's a sponsored game (Wehkamp, 1992)

weerwijzer is typical 'special interest group' trivial pursuit, based on questions regarding weather. (nova carta, 2000).

Trivial Pursuit
victory uses a relatively simple war game mechanic, allowing you to easily modify terrains and scenario's. The basic box comes a two player game (air units, naval units, army units). Victory is very straight forward, the complex version can be found in other games from Colombia Games. Contains 'Fog of War' elements. Several add ons available (expensions for 3-6 people, additional forces) Published by Columbia Games Columbia Games

warhammer fantasy (WHF) is the basic game from Games Workshop, I guess. The game is a typical wargame with lots of detail, typical desktop game (you move by inches on any surface). Apparently, if you get into this game, you hardly have time to play other games than GW-games. Look & feel of GW-games is unique. Besides the fact that it is a good wargame, the models and add-ons really contribute to the fun. If you not really into fantasy, you can always try Warhammer 40K, the SciFi-version of Warhammer ('ORCS IN SPACE' ;-)). I have both the 5th and 6th edition. The latest edition is better documented and more complete that it predecessors. As such it also contains some warmachines and a general for both the Empire and the Orc army.

(see my special GW-page)


Painting tips

More Painting

WHF High Elves


WH Roleplaying

warhammer mordheim (WHMH) is a spin off form Games Workshop / Warhammer and is more of a skirmish concept, typical destop game. Whereas in Warhammer armies battle eachother, in Mordheim individual characters battle for the winning. Off course you can buy add on's (additional parties, additional buildings, additional equipment, etc.). Remember, in these games you don't move by squares, but by inches, so you can build any size of game board. The game comes with a human and a skaven gang. You have to assemble the complete gang as they come in pieces: a lot of pieces (but therefor high customizable)! For the record, I own a Skaven, Human and Posessed warband, and off course an High Elves gang. Easiliy could make up a Orc/Goblins warband too (with the figures from WHF6 and WHQ). Note: you can use the WHF-gaming rules for skirmish games, but the Mordheim box comes with nice minatures & paper buildings.(see my special GW-page) GamesWorkshop

MH Tactics

Reeve's page

warhammer quest (WHQ) is another spin off from the Games Workshop system. A Dragons&Dungeons game, based on the standard battle system (with adjustments). Box comes with a lot of (plastic) miniatures (90+) without much glueing. As a matter of fact the models can be used in the other WHF-games. Game (1995) is OOP but apparently re-released recently. Bought in 2000 for about 70 Euro.For those who play Warhammer, for 60 Euro you buy a new game and a lot of miniatures (ok, not the '2000-standard), but nevertheless. (see my special GW-page)


Dutch rulings


The warlock of firetop mountain ia another adventure game by Games Workshop (Steve Jackson, 1986, 15 Euro via Ebay).  
werelddelen (Parts of the World) is diplomacy alike game (well, not really). All different parts of the world have problems and by cooperation you can solve them. Typical 'good-cause'-game, trying to explain world problems to kids. Not played yet. Distributed by NOVIB.  

yahtzee (to the left) is a very common family game, and does not require more then 5 dices and piece of paper/pencil. In the same catagory as Yatzee, a dice game called Poker (picture to the left), using card signs for the same purpose as Yatzee (mainly to avoid copyright lawsuits, I guess). The game holds little interaction, as a matter of facts, you can easily play this game solitary. There are many variants. Typicial non-cooperative game: you are on your own. Talking about dices, here is a game called 'bowling', where you roll dices instead of getting tired of throwing a bowling ball. Hey, how stupid can you make a game: roll 10 bowls to call it a strike. And of course, there are the many spin off's like Pokemon Yahtzee etc. no need for a site these games are far too simple!
Zombiesis indeed, like the box says: a 'no-brainer'. Nice tiles and loads of miniatures included, but the game really sucks www.twilightcreationsinc.com

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