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2 and 2+ Player (non CCG) card games

Many card games are available. One should note however that a lot of cards games available right now (especially some German ones), can actually be played with a standard deck of cards. Typical examples are 

bulletWizard (Amigo): comparable to the Dutch card game "Haags Bridge"
bulletUno: comparable to the Dutch card game "Pesten"

I guess my top card game (from the ones mentioned below) is Set!.

2 player card games Description Links
ceasar & cleopatra is political game, where you need get as much 'influence' as possible. I have not tried this game yet (one day I will have enough time...). Great artwork. Developed by Wolfgang Ludtke. 999-games
'die siedler, das kartenspiel' is a spin off from the board game. I was very impressed by the fact how good a spin off can be. This game is very good! It is kind of a 'civilition'-game where you develop you tribe and become the most powerful. There are a number of additions such as 'Ritter & Handler', 'Politik & Intrige'.  999-games


Here is another 'mystic' game, I-Tjing. I've seen several variants on this one, mostly with pieces of wood you have to throw. Just like Tarot, the person who's future / destiny has to be determined or questions have to be answered, draws cards and the combinations tell the answer (apparently...).  The answers of the I-Tjing are precise as the weather forecast ('we will have rain one of these day' (pretty accurate in the Netherlands)).  
tarot is usually not considered a game, more some kind of mystic way to predict the future. Since I don't believe in predicting the future in general, I consider Tarot as a funny game to reveal generic remarks in order sharpen your attitude in general ('something is going to change in your life' is off course always true, but generally you may not be aware of that). There are many 'serious'-sites for Tarot on the web.  

2+ player card games Description Links

Should I mention Poker? Hearts? Toepen? Bridge? Neeeh, but every once in while you run in to a very different standard card set. 

 To the left you see two sets of chinese cards, very cheap quality and very 'kitsch'. One with all kind of traditional army men and one with pictures from some kind of Kung Fu movie ('Journey to the West'?). Couldn't resist buying them

bohnanza is game for 3-5 playes, nominated for 'Spiel des Jahres 1997', should I say more? As Bean farmer/trader you have set up your bean farm, one problem you can only drop your card in the order you got them unless you can trade them with your oppenents. Very funny game, very funny cartoonish cards.
(bought jan 2001, 10 Euro)
Combat Cards (Citadel/Games Workshop) is a card game related to the Games Workshop Fantasy games. Not much of a game though, more interesting as paint examples for Warhammer /Citadel miniatures  
elfenland is another spin off from an original board game (guess what: 'Elfenland'). This game is typical travel game. 999-games
familie poen is uno / 'pesten' - alike game. Get rid of cards by placing them on simular cards (color value). Players start with 5 cards and draws a card if he can't lay down a card. Comes with playing money.   
'kwartetten' was very popular game in the 60's.  The basic idea is to get 4 cards that belong together and put them on table until run out of cards. The first one that runs out of cards has won. Above you see some samples for the many variations that were out for sale (L2R:'Famous Building in Europe', 'Ivanhoe', 'Cars', above you also see my latest aquisition, 'Fabeltjeskrant' (Chanowski Prod) as my kids start enjoying this popular dutch TV series (all late '60 editions)). 

One specific one to mention is "de baas spelen', this is published for (would-be manager) and contains checklists etc. on managerial issues. 

machiavelli is designed by Bruno Faidutti, published by Hans Im Gluck (999Games for the Netherlands). 10 Euro. 999-games

Plumber is 'travel'-alike game. Goal is to make a mimimum length closed circuit (length depending on the number of players) while meanwhile breaking other players circuit. Easy to learn, enjoyable game. There is computer game based on this game (Pipedreams). The strategy is based on 'when to play the good card', either for winning yourself or for blocking the competition. Mechanism is the same as 'Stap-op'.  
rummy is a 'joker'-game alike and this game is popular all over the world. The game is published by Schmidt International.  
 In addition to the 'classic' Scrabble there is also a card version (published by Mattel (ISBN 5-011363524213 (NL-version)). I should note that this version takes a lot of table space... (bought 2000, 10 Euro)  
set! is a very simple fast abstract card game. A number of cards are dealt to the table (e.g. 12) and players to identify 3 card that form a set. A set is formed if all the following four questions can be answered 'yes': is the quantity/colour/shape and filling on all 3 cards absolutely identical and/or different? The first player that shouts 'SET!' and can form a set wins a point (all player play simultaniously). Three new cards are dealt. The player with most sets wins. Also very suitable for kids. Published by Ravensburg. Cool, very fast family game (old/young, boys/girls). Very good concept! Check the SET! pages! 'Must-have'-game (bought 2000, 10 Euro) TOP GAME Set! pages


stap op is a typical travel game (like most of the non-standard card games). Goal to make a certain travel (in kilometres) and meanwhile disturb the other players. See also Plumber, for it has nearly the same mechanic but with a different interface (bought a long time ago). Dutch rulings here
wizard is a German 3-6 player card game. Takes about 45 min. to play. Amigo 1995
(bought 2000, 10 Euro). 
Note: this game can easily played with a standard deck of cards, but you will be lacking the beautifull art.
Dutch rulings here
I own a number of Spannish Disney card games, not quite sure what they are, because I can't read spanish, but all cards have pictures from the movies (101 Dalmatas, Power Rangers, La Bella y la Bestia (Belle & The Beast), Dumbo, Chip & Chop, Pocahontas, La Bella Durmeinte, El Libro de la Selva (Jungle Book), Toy story). All the games are kids games and published by Naipes H Fourneir, S.A. Some of the games might be multi-player, but hey, my spanisch is not that good.  
Another game I haven't got a clue on how it works. I'm even not sure whether it's a two or two+ player game. Apperently a very popular game in China (so I am told), and with all games from China, in bad condition due to lousy quality. Looks like some kind of Mah Jong spin-off (I guess it is to be played as card game). (got it as gift, 1999)   

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