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Collectable / Trading Games

For the record, for most of the games below I just own a starter or so (to get the rulings). Starting off with the dice games, followed by the collectable card games.

Also added some collectable table top games.



Collectable dice games Description Links
  chaos progenitus, one starter. Easy / simple to play dice games.  
dicemaster, i have two starters and two boosters. ISBN 1-55806-272-6. (original price $24/ starterset) Iron Crown Enterprises
dragondice is an interesting multiplayer dice game concept, as it is a(nother) collectable game-system (well to be hones, as they were sold for 3 Euro per starter, I bought about 12 or so). You may want to check my complete inventory.  Multiplayer game. Dice are randomly inserted. I have a few hunderd dices. Game is recently re-released. Gameinfo

My inventory


marvel super dice, produces by TSR / WotC. I have one starter set. ISBN 0-7869-0673-1. (original price $14.95 / starter) tsr
star trek the next generation first contact collectable dice game, published by Five Rings. Comes in two different startet packs (borg sphere and uss enterprice/NCC 1701 E (depicted)) (sbn 189011101-5) five rings

fan page

throwing stones, actually an 'easy' hero creator for dragon & dungeons games. Not really for playing. I have one starter set / tube. prism-games

It would only take the Star Trek game to complete my collection of customizable dice games.

Collectable Customizable card/dice games Description Links
austin powers, theme taken from the move 'the spy who shagged me'. Some 250+ cards. decipher
c23 (WotC), bought 3 starterdecks, haven't played yet. Based on the ARC system, based on its turn on (simple) MtG mechanics. (For the record, the game was on sale, less than half-price, that should say enough I guess). DEAD. Published by WotC/15300, 1998, ISBN1-57530-635-2. 3 starter packs WotC
combat card game from Games Workshop. Not much of a collectable card game other than you can buy sets of various races. Heavily leans on the Warhammer concept of Games Workshop. Stupid game. 3 sets (dwarfs, warriors and ...)  
digimon is riding the waves of Pokemon. Although the game mechanic is different, the marketing concept is simular: TV-series, puppets, CCG. The cartoons look far more agressive, though it is not quite targetted at the girls segment. I don't think this game makes much of a chance. Game is published by Bandai, 2000 (ISBN 3-296580-055203 / Spanish version). 1 Spanish starter set  
doomtrooper, orginally an American game but one of the first completely translated to Dutch bij 999Games. Typical fighting / attribute game. DEAD  
dune: bit of a complex cardgame, according to one of my gameshop keepers one of the only interesting CCG's around next to MtG and Middle Earth. Nevertheless to complex to be a mass market game. Published by Last Unicorn Games Ltd CA. ISBN 1-890111-51-1.  
guardians is a game I never played. First of all, I didn't think of it as being a serious game, secondly reading the reviews didn't encourage me to play it (I was allready into MtG). I bought one starterdeck, game is 'dead'  
hercules, based on the ARC system, on its turn based on the MtG mechanics. Look and Feel is based on the populair Hercules series for kids. This games appears even to be compatible with C23 (look above). DEAD. Published by WotC/15608, 1998. ISBN1-57530-562-3. WotC
  jyhad, later renamed to Vampire (basicly because Jyhad is not a name you to want to use for an American Game). Idea is that your characters are vampires and live on the blood of others. Fighting game.  
the last crusade is a tactical wargame, using the card for move ahead in a 3x3 (cards) arena on different terrain. Meanwhile you control you headquarters, airfield, stockpile and reinforcement. Sounds better than it actually is, I guess. I was not impressed, although some good reviews. Did buy 4-5 starter sets. Description


Grognard DB


magic the gathering (mtg): mother of all CCG's, created a worldwide phenomonon. Game is designed for 2 player but can easility be extended. Game contains both complexity and flexibility. Game has lots of extenstion (a thousand or something different cards). I own x000 cards (where x is a figure, either 9 or 11).  Game is designed by Richard Garfield, published by (WotC). Game is available in many languages (incl. chinese). Djinn's (NL)

The Dojo

middle earth is typical 'Tolkien'-spin off. Many of the characters of Tolkien are involved (I don't own all the cards, but I guess, all of them). The game has some 'heavy' players, nevertheless this game is considered dead. The game resembles the card version of Elfenland, as its goal is to travel along locations (you own as cards). Propably one or the only interesting CCG's next to Magic The Gathering. Cool artwork. Game is extended with Middle Earth: The Wizards and Middle Earth: The dragons (and propably many more). DEAD (for the moment). 5 starter sets + various boosters (dragons and other)  
mlb showdown is simulation of a baseball game, where you are able to collect 'real' baseball players and put them in your dream team. Each player has unique qualities (more or less identical to the real life player) and a certain 'value'. Basicly, just as with Warhammer, the better, the higher the value: each team has restrictions to a limited number of value. Interesting game, but it helps if you are a baseball fan and into collecting baseball cards.  WotC
nitro, the WWF wrestling CCG. If you are into Hulk Hogan and friends, this is propably interesting. My gutfeeling tells me, there is no reason this game (I got a free booster pack...). Published by WotC, 2000.  WotC
pokemon is a spin off from the popular japanese Manga series. I own a few hundred cards, as my kids enjoy collecting the cards (mmm, maybe it helps when dad is an active game-collector). The game itself is poor copy of MtG (see above), although it is kind of funny. Variou extensions (Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, Neo, Gymleaders, etc.). Cool Marketing concept though! (Hey, this is WotC, remember!). 500+ cards WotC 

Djinn's (NL)

portal is the beginners set of Magic The Gathering. Game mechanics are simular, but simplyfied. Some of the cards can be used within MtG, but in general, the cards are not compatible. Although an amusing game, not much of a CCG, as the cards are not worth the money, you better start off with magic and get taught by a MtG player: interupts, artifacts and complex cards are removed from the Portal game (compared to MtG). 100+ cards WotC 
redemption, a CCG with a christian / religious touch. CactusDesign


shadowfist. Typical fighting / attribute game, based on martial arts.  
shadowrun, have never looked into this game. Published by FASA corporation, 1998. ISBN 1-55560-360-2.   
simcity, based on the popular computer game. Not much of a success. DEAD.  
starwars is another spin-off from the famous Starwars movies. The game is quite enjoyable, especially if you are a Starwars fan. Basic idea, you can put down your sites (so can your opponent) and you have to dominate. You can choose between the light and the dark side. A few fanatic players around. You really need a LOT of cards to have a competative deck in tournament format (15 X-wings really help, just wondering where you can get 15 of those). 5 starter sets.  
starwars young jedi, another 'where comes this from then?'. Some kind of dead, has several booster series though (Menace of Darth Maul, The Jedi Council, Battle of Naboo). Published by Decipher, 1999. ISBN 9-781582-365565.  
startrek babylon 5, another CCG that spinns off from Startrek. Starters come with 50 fixed, 8 uncommons and 2 rares. Complete set of the Premier serie contains 146 fixed cards, 100 commons, 100 uncommons, 100 rares and 12 promo's. Precedence/1997, ISBN 1-885681-91-7. 5 starter sets. Eternity
startrek deep space 9, guess where that game comes from. Intriguing system, appears to be compatible with the other Startrek CCG games. You have your own mission. Published by Decipher/179, 1998. ISBN 9-781884-927331.  
startrek the next generation, guess where that games comes from. Intriguing system, appears to be compatible with the other Startrek CCG games. Published by Decipher/150, 1994. ISBN 9-781884-927034.  
tombraider: if you can sell games based on movies and TV-series, why not try PC-characters, like Lara Croft? Bought a few starter decks and a large number of boosters (all on sale, less than half price). Multiplayer AND solo! game. Game comes with two small dices and a Lara figure. Traveling game. Published by Eidos. DEAD. 3 starter sets + 5 or so boosters (various edditions)  
x-files is a typical 'whodunnit'-game. There is a standard game and an advanced version. Each player chooses an X-file card and the opponent has to identify this card, using his own card to get clues. I was not impressed by this game, actually boring (it's a bit like cluedo). This CCG is 'dead'. 2 starter sets rulings


xmen, some game are boring even before they are published. This game should be a spin off from the movie X-Men and should appeal to those who just abandoned Pokemon. Not much of a chance, I guess. Published by WotC, 2000 WotC
xxxenophile is a R/X-rated game, not as much for the game but for the cartoons on the cards ('Island of lust toys', 'Lovely Inga, the Milkmaid' should you give an idea of what is depicted). Currently published via Steve Jacksons games. (1997-2000, ISBN1-889061-04-4 / 11260-00004). Some 100+ cards. XXXenophile



Other Collectable stuff Description Links
Mageknight is a collectable miniature table top wargame, a bit of lookalike of Skirmish Warhammer. Figures are of plastic and prepainted. If you like table top miniature wargaming and skirmish, this is easy to learn (8 small pages of rulings). 


Mageknight home
Dutch online shop

some dutch players
HeroClicks: based on the Mageknight principle, now with Marvel, Indy and DC figures



Pirates: collectable / constructable game with small ships. First you construct the ships and when it gets shot u remove something from it. Idea is nice, but the stuff tends to break.

Games comes with ships, crew, islands, captains, special treasure, etc.

  Star Wars: Tabletop game with Star Wars figures. Each figure comes with a small card to describe the charactertics. Must have for Star Wars fans, if not just for the mini's :).

Expensive though.