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Stupid Games / Kids games

Any game you find below is propably not worth buying for the sake of serious playing. I bougth them either for my kids, from a collectors point of view or because they were so cheap, I couldn't resist.
Kids games Description Picture
De Betoverde Doolhof (amzeing labyrinth) Players have to pick up good in an everchanging labirinth. Published by Ravensburger. Game won many awards. 1-4 players. Kids love this game. Family game.
clickets very popular is the early 80's, are magnetic marbles. As they became popular a number of games were build around it. Unfortunately, as with many 'hypes', the market got fed up with clickets and the company went bankrupt.  
crazy tower Crazy Tower, you build a tower (with the blocked random put together) and where the collored dice tells what colored block the player has to removed. My version is an 'el-cheapo' Taiwanese copy of the original. Many variations.
elchfest Elchfest (11-00) is a hilerious game, you have to move your 'Elch' from one island to the other by shooting small 'stones' with your fingers in position, so the elch can step on and move forward. Kids really like this game and for adults: in combination with alcohol an absolute killer (playing for rounds doubles the fun). I usually play this game at the end of an evening of game-playing with the left-over players. FUN!!!
Euro Disneyland A typical travel game, where players have to pick up all kind of things. Produced by MB/Hasbro (1992), but apparently heavily sponsored by Disney I guess. Bought at a flee market, apparently a souvenir from Euro Disney. Game is incomplete.
familie poen familie poen is uno / 'pesten' - alike game. Get rid of cards by placing them on simular cards. Comes with playing money. 
hungry troll & the gobbo's Silly kids game, produced by Games Workshop (1989). Should include a videotape (missing) and 1 card missing (35/36 cards present). 
junior scrabble Scrabble for kids that just have started to read/write. The words to make are already printed on the board. 
kleurentorentje Very simple kids-game. Object is to collect all the collored  marbles. By rolling a dice by turn, you can collect such a marble (according to the color of the dice).
krisKras Sponsored travel game. Not much of game, but it's fun to see that sponsored games are usually travel games. A bit like 'mother goose'. Cheappo, but then again, C1000 is not much of a quality shop either... (bought the game for 10 eurocent, hey, who can resist for that price?).
meer of minder meer of minder ('more or less) kids learning game about bigger / heavier. Designed for kids up until 8 or so. 
mikado Mikado is also a typical skill game, that you play with people you don't want see again. It usally ends up with 'it moved, no it did not, yes it did, no it did not, yes it did, no it did not, yes it did, no it did not, yes it did, no it did not, yes it did, no it did not, yes it did, etc.'. Great game for checking your relationship/marriage.
het grote smurfenspel Another 'Run, don't get caught' game. Basicly a Memory game (as you have to remember where certain smurfs are hidden) with a twist of chance cards (Gargamel taking away your smurfs, etc.). Kids game. Based on the famous 'Smurf'-s. Copyrighted by Peyo, distributed/licensed by Kortekaas Merchandising (1970's I guess).
Tumbling Tower Tumbling Tower, just one of the names of this game where you have to put figures on a unstable tower. The dices decides on which ring you have to put your figure. If the figures tumble of the tower, you lost. My version is an 'el-cheapo' Taiwanese copy of the original. This game has many variations, Apes, Donkeys, etc.
het verkeersspel Teaching kids the basic rules of traffic. You have to move your car from / to various locations, obeying the trafic rules. A dice tells you the speed. Various penalties when you don't stop for red traffice lights etc. Racing game. Published by Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburger (1970's).
woudlopertje Kind of running game, who has his pawn in the safe zone first. 2-4 players, age 5+. Published by ADO