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oct, 2003 after being away from a long time, BACK. Bought various news games and some game 'old' games with new look and feel (DC and Marvel Heroclix (remember Mageknight? couldn't resist to batman, robin, spiderman, hulk etc), Kuhhandel, various theme games and stuff. Looking on some mail i got mean time, i actually got mentioned on the website of Tom Wham (!) and other celebraties of the gaming community. I thank you all for sending me nice email about my Concept pages, just to give you some brief impressions:

Hello Mr. Schijns, I am very grateful with your web page. I´m a game designer,  have two games published by Editorial Colina, in Colombia. I´m colombian, I live in Medellín. Since 1997, I have been studying the game world, specially the games mechanics and I have a writing about the game designing, actually in development. In your web page I have discovered many information to my work. Thanks a lot for your generosity. 

Thanx John!

Hey, my name is Adam <snip> I just discovered your site and i am absolutely inthralled. <snip> I am just writing to compliment you oon your site, and your collection.

Thhx Adam