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24 Dice game

Object of the game: add,multiply,substract,divide the outcome of 4 D10's to achieve the result of 24

Requirements: 4 D10 dices

Gameplay: one the player rolls the 4 dices, first one who has a solution yells 'ME' and reveals his solution. If he is wrong he looses one point. If he's right, he gains one point. 

Variations: many: take different / number of dices (e.g. 3D8, 4D6), use a different sum (e.g. 13) or roll the dices (4d10) first to set the proposed out come. You could play with limited time, the one has is closest has won.

(Warhammer) charriot racing:

Looking at all the different stuff I have (or could have), I noticed a
lot of chariots:
- Goblin Wolf Chariot
- Orc Boar Chariot
- High Elf Tiranoc Chariot
- Chaos Warrior Chariot
- Chaos Beastman Chariot
- Undead Black Coach
- Undead Mighty Chariot
- Undead Chariot
- War Altar of Sigmar (more or less)

Below you find various contributions to this idea

in an old white dwarf, [the one with the dark eldar reaver jet bike on the
cover i think] there was a game for jet bike racing. i think those rules
could be modified for your cause if you can find them.

also, i was thinking of a similar thing. maybe you should think of a round
track that the models race around. using say iniative to decide who move's
first [or a d6 +int to see who leaves the 'gate' first. ] then use the
regular movement rules. and then have archers be able to attack crew on
other chariots [should randomise between the crew and chariot, give
chariots their own special toughness, and wounds] to try and knock out the
crew or chariot. then have 'side swipe' rules for chariots armed with
scythed wheels. [ie, can cause some number of hits to the chariot]
also have the crews be able to duke it out hand to hand.
and if the mount is terribly mal tempared [coldones once dark elves get
their chariots, and those pigs and wolves] the could attack too.
then follow the turn sequence like this:
START! everyone rolls d6+iniative to what order people get to move in that
round [repeat at the beginning of each new Move!:]
Move: everyone make a regular movement [attempt side swipes, and hth
combat durring move]
shoot: everyone with ranged weapons may shoot at anyone
move again: repeat above
Take the Turn: try and make up some rules reflecting how damaged the
chariot is [ie like a difficult terrain test in 40K, but is is like :roll
d6, on a 1 the chariot crashed, subtract 1 from roll for each wound the
chariot has lost] when they go around the turn. [ i envison a large oval
move: yadda
shoot: yadda yadda
take the turn:

decide how many laps the event shall be, {say 1d3, or something}
and always, the last man still moving at the end, wins!
you may have to give the chariots more wounds, also you may have to add in
a magic phase if you allow wizards onto the chariots etc.

From: Bryan Harris <>

Anyway, the biggest problem is the fast chariot would win without much
effort. Maybe have a driver check to modify speed. Driving checks are
made during the combat round so a driver making a check maynot make an
attack or shoot.
Say the basic chariot speed is 7"...
Elves by pleaing to the mount can encourage them to great ends, add D3"
to the move with a successful check.
Orcs can beat their mounts, they inflict a S3 hit on thier mount, if
the mount survies it moes another D3+1 inches.

A race should have 6-10 chariots, so if you only have 2 players, count
on 3 each.

Give prize money for:
running down Crew on foot

For more fun add in chariot collision table...
D6 Roll
1 Bump! Driver and crew members may not attack next round.
2 Whoops! Driver drops the reigns. Chariot moves in a strait line
until the a crew member recovers the reigns.
3 Jarred! Rides must make S or I check or be thown out.
4 Skid! Chariot Drifts D3" in a random direction.
5 Crash! The chariot crashes, mounts are wounded on a 4+ and break
free, crew members land behind the wreck, taking a hit equal to half
the chariots speed (round down).
6 Flip! As crash above, but mounts take hits on 2+, and scatter the
crew and mounts D6" each, then scatter the chariots 2D6". Anything hit
by the chariot takes a S6 hit.

Just a few thoughts to get you going...

Lunatic Parc

LunaticPark is just a working name as it reminds me of what the concept should be. The game is set in some kind of prison, where a prisoner/lunatic/whatever tries to escape. The players who's prisoner escapes, wins. In concept it will resemble the basic atmosphere of boardgame colditz / jurassic parc.  Basicly, the player operates two personalities, one personality trying to escape and one 'friendly' guard, either helping the first person or blocking other prisoners.

I'm still not sure whether it should be a card game or board game. The idea itself just appeals.

Counting Cards

Players have cards with different numbers/figures on it. All players play one card at the same time. Numbers of the card should add up to a certain figure, either by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. If it doesn't add up one player after another may (must) drop another card to see if he can reach the total sum.

Simple example:  total should add up to 50. Players play one after another. Player who add up to 50 wins the round.

Wild Wild West

Skirmish game, where as players hold 1-3 shooters that should kill oponents and/or rob banks and/or etc.. Optional, players can play different roles (sherrif, outlaws, bounty hunters, etc.). Also played on a 'Cleudo'-alike board (City with buildings, actually randomized). Basic idea, players are peasant/cowboys that draw cards and can hire heroes/villians that they draw.

CCG Soccer game

CCG soccer game, still figuring out the mechanics. Basic marketing concept is: you bring out new cards every season and rate individual (real-life) players. You could actually bring out a legend deck (e.g. Cruyff, Pele, etc.). 

Business / IT / Telecom game

Still thinking about this one, some mixture between Business and Siedler. I'm propably too much involved here (UMTS biddings in the Netherlands). But I truly like the bidding mechanic on something you haven't clue on how it is going to evolve.

Catch me

Played on board with rooms and corridors (cluedo alike).  Each player has a pawn. Object of the game is to catch eachothers pawn. Movement by throwing a dice (or two). Additional cards are supplied (to set up traps, lock doors, secretly move additional squares) and can be found at certain locations on the playing board or at certain events. This game was quite succesfully (although not completely developed) in my family, as the pawns had pictures on them of my kids. Goals was for the parents to catch the kids. The story was that the kids did not want to go to bed and that the parent had to catch them. Success!!! (I guess the look and feel (pictures of my kids and me and my wife) contributed to the success)

Who know first

[what you need is a game of Trivial Pursuit, some pawns, a dice, a racing track of 100 field colored blue, pink, yellow, brown, green, orange]

Set up a track of about 100 field. Each field has a color as indicated. As you land on it, (one of) your opponent(s) draws a trivial pursuit card, and you answer the question according the color of the field you land on. If you miss the question, you go back to where you came from. 

bulletnot alternating colors, but area's of specific colors (e.g. 6 greens, followed by six orange, etc.
bulletyou may choose to go forward or move backward. If you go forward and you give the wrong answer you go back 12 field. If you choose to move backward, you don't to answer a question.
bulletspecial tiles are added where you can get special cards (e.g. 'you may change the color of the field in any color you want', 'you don't have to answer the question')
bulletdouble colored field are added where you may choose what color you want use for the question
bulletetc. etc.

First person to finish at 100 (or passing 100) wins, after answering a question of the color of his/her choice.


I'm especially looking at Warhammer alike games (Yes!!! Let's re-invent a good game). I like the mechanics where you can highly customize your units, but I really dislike the costs of the game (a good army costs about 300 Euro (that is ONE army), the intensive knowlegde of the different units/characteristics you need to have in order to play the game and the movement-mechanic (tabletop). The game is far too complex to just play with some friends. Also, the game should be more portable. An good example on this is DiskWars, but I have my thoughts here as well, the Warhammer miniatures really bring the look and feel (you could easily play Warhammer with paper proxy's I guess).