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About Multi Media

So these pages are about boardgame then... Nevertheless a few board games use additional media to play a game. Just for some examples:

Video Assisted Boardgames: example Spy Quest, where three half hour video's tell you all about the hero Nick Noble. After these movies, you game is on. 

Audio Assisted Boardgames: 'the unexplained' is a mystery game, that comes with audio cassette tape, narrated by Alfred Hitchcock, who explains what the setting is all about. By the way, this is a adult game for 8 players. This game is copied later on by 'How to host a murder" (i'm not sure here, but at least some of them have audio tapes as well). Apparently there are number of expension (not sure though).

Computer Assisted Boardgames: no title comes to my mind right now, but I know I saw the first CAB somewhere in the eighties, where the game was supported by an Apple //. The computer made the heavy calculations and gave answers to questions or gave clues. The most irritating aspect was the distance between game table and computer table...