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Roline (October 23rd 1996)

Roline was born on Oct. 23rd, 1996, actually our wedding day. And what gift that was. Below you see one of the first pictures ever taken, Roline just 2.5 months old.

She always has been a quick one. Labour took only but a few hours, although she had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days for observation. And yes, we were both very happy again.

As you can see from the following pictures, she's got the looks. If she wants something she will try all her charms. If that doesn't work, you still can use violence. As a matter of facts, she tries to dominate her big sister, and if necessary with force.

And here are some of may 1999.







Talking about resemblence: 

 Here you see a picture of Marielle's Dad at the about 4 years....

As Roline is getting older some trends are remarkable: at school she is noted is dominant yet social. Solving her own problems either by discussion or force, but in general by her arguing technique. A typical example at home (july 2000): while she was bathing with Marijne, she spilled all the baby soap from a bottle. Before Guus even tried to start yelling at her, her response was "It's your fault (pointing at Guus):  that bottle didn't belong there in the first place, and besides that, I could not have known there was real soap in it!". Well, that's a strong argument from a 3-year old girl, isn't it.

As she turned four during our holidays in Spain, she entered kid's school at our return. That was something she had been waiting for, for a long time. She addepted very easily and she is having a lot of fun with her teacher Leonie. At kindergarten she left her big friend Natascha (one of the baby-sitters) behind.  But we promissed her that Natascha would visit us often and would take charge of baby-sitting. And as always, she is in for a goold laugh and a lot (I mean A LOT) of talking (and singing in between). 

She is very 'hot' by the boys in her class, as she is one of the only girls that (can) plays with 'boy-stuff' and actually owns some very 'hot' boys toys (such a remote controlled motor). 

As a matter of fact, her dominant presence suprises everybody who only knew Marijne until then. At kindergarten she went into the computer room where kids of age 7-9 where playing on the computer: "I want to play with the computer, and I want it now!", so to the teachers surprise, ten seconds later she had convinced all the other children and she was sitting behind the computer, leaving all the older kids in confusion.  "But she is so cute..." was the reaction of the older kids. (For the record, this happened on the fourth day she went there).

And here she is with Big Sister (feb 2001)

By januari 2001 she started 'step'-ping (you know, those kids things with two wheels, kind of surfboard with a steeringwheel). On the morning of april 28th she came in and told us she could ride a bike. Huh? Well, she thought that it was time for her to learn how to ride a bike, so she picked her older sisters bike and there she went. That's Roline.  Btw, the photo on the left was taken a few month earlier when Guus tried to interest her in riding a bike. Although we had a lot of fun, she decided then that there was no need for her to ride a bike at that time (that are more or less her (exact) words). 


And this is Roline as of may 2001, taken at her school. And she can set up a chess board as of june 11th, 2001 without Guus even teaching her how to do it (just by looking at Guus playing Marijne, maybe that chess movie ('lang leve de koningin' (Disney)) helped as well, but then again, she was not taught to set up a board intentionally). And then, she loves to 'schakelen' ('schaken' is dutch for chess). 


"When I grow up, I want to be a soccer coach. There will be plenty of boys AND I WILL BE ONLY GIRL AROUND!"

Here you see Roline getting a hair cut by Jasmine (aug 2001).

A girl groes up, 2003. Still has the looks and the words..

Roline als paspop in de etalage van een winkel (ja, voor gekke dingen is roline altijd in)

Roline weet altijd al wat ze weet, zie hier wat ze schreef in het vriendenboekje van Martijn




Totally Spies



Schoppen en slaan en knijpen

De baas zijn en alles hebben

En ze wil later toneelspeelster worden ...


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