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Marijne (January 12th, 1994)

In the beginning, there were our parents, and before them, there were their parents, and ... blah blah. Every once in a while, alikeness is striking though. Below you see a picture of a grand-grand ma (mother of Marielle's father) and Marijne:

Marijne, our long awaited first child, was born on januari 12th 1994, 14.30. It took about 8 hours of labour, but it was worth it (I'm a guy, so I can easily make that statement). As of feb. 1996 she speaks fluently 100 words Dutch and 50 words Limburgs and knows how to kick a dog and men in general. Her favourite music at the time is dutch folklore and House/Hip Hop. Favorite TV programs are Sesamstreet and MTV. She collects stones and shells can read some letters and some figures.

Marijne enjoys to learn (up until this moment (1999) that is). At 3 she could identify all letters and figures, can set up a chess board (guess who taught her that) and speaks reasonably well. BTW, some credits (actually most of them) for teaching Marijne how to play chess go to a Dutch video movie, called 'Lang Leve de Koningin', teaching kids chess by telling a fairy tale. By the way, we decided to speak Dutch to her instead of Limburgs, as she started speaking Limburgs at the Woerden kindergarten, and there a not that many Limburg speaking nannies over here.

Marijne is really fond of her sister. She was very happy to have a little sister she can teach and play with. She is very carefull girl, usually looking and listening first before acting. Typically, she refuses to do gymnastic trainings until she trained them at home first to be sure that she can do them.

Marijne enjoys reading, drawing and playing with a PC. Here you see her in action (with Thomas & Sanne Welgraven).

As of june 1999, Marijne can 

write and read a bit (mama, papa, roline, marijne, etc)


can add and substract a bit (3+5, 4-2, 4+7, etc.)

The picture below is taken feb, 2001 by the school photographer, as Marijne and Roline both visit the same school. You tell us who the sweet heart is and the one you don't want to mess with.... (see the Roline pagine for more information).

As always, she is very caring for her two little sisters. Her favorite night saying is 'I made you daddy and mum, Roline made me sister and Julianne made our family complete'.  One other thing, she hates to loose. She want to train as much as possible to become the best, in whatever she likes. But my god, she really can be slow as everything has to be perfect.  And yes, she is still a dreamer (april 2001).

And this is Marijne as of may 2001, taken by the school photographer. By now she read her own books before going to sleep. She actually won a game of chess against Marielle (hmm, what does that tell you?). 

As Marijne was about to have her last schoolday (3rd grade), she figured she wanted to thank her schoolteacher 'meester Hans' by writing him a letter. She wrote the letter all by herself (mind the clever note that she cannot show (by this letter) that she can read).  Ok, there are some spelling errors, but hey, it's the intention.

As Marijne is 9, she still is the loving big sister.

<foto made by Roline>

Marijne leest overal waar ze zitten of staan (2004)

Marijne 2005....

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Typical Marijne art

Below you see two drawing of Marijne, her first 'real' drawing March 98 (4 years old) and a typical Marijne picture: a princess with long hair, a sun and flower (Jan. 99, 5 years old). Missing usual items are love-hearts and a rainbow.

And yes, the Teletubbie horror has invaded our house as well (march 27th, 1999)

Below an abstract one (april, 2001) (I won't bother you with all the Pokemon ones)

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