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Payment feedback

You may check my payment history by asking any of the following persons:

bulletEbay check 'gschijns'
bulletGames Arena: email Mark Lockland
bulletWWW.FAMPIT.DEMON.NL: email fampit
bulletDjinn's Pure Magic: email Els
bulletD'antiques: email Dan
bulletGameSale SCAT : email Stephen
bulletall the others I forgot to mention, I never ever had a dispute (or at the most, was able to come to an ageement).

Site feedback

This site is NiNa DIS-approved 
(does not contribute to her or anybody else's greed for money)

Heel hartelijk bedankt voor de beschrijving en spelregels van het Grote Smurfenspel. Anders waren we er NOOIT achtergekomen!

Marjan Boom

I have had a look at your web site and think it is excellent also. I will add a link from our site to yours with the next BGA update.

Regards, Ivan Hanley.

Board Gamers Anonymous
for Northern Ireland Board Gamers

I found some information on a few games which I was unaware of before. I didn't realize that the original Blood Bowl v1 had an expansion set. (I have the original game but not the expansion.) Enjoy!

-- Tony

From: Okey Ikeako []
Sent: zaterdag 12 augustus 2000 4:02
Subject: Re: (hobby) gaming design site for review
I liked your website. You have a nice list of games there.
Good luck.

Ziet er schitterend uit. Wil je echt dat ik die versie omzet naar de lay-out van ons archief? Of mag ik gewoon een link aanbrengen rechtstreeks naar jouw site? Op die manier krijg je ook bezoekers. Groetjes,

Piet Notebaert
vzw Vlaams Spellenarchief