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Games I play on my PC

I have no clue when i started playing diablo2, but the fact remains that i spent far too much time on that game. 

Although i have the expension set, i only play D2 Classic. I hate the extension game online for various reasons:

bullet- far too many kiddies
bullet- far too many items noobs

Here are some of my accounts / chars:

My lvl 51 ntc char

My main playing account

<btw, the lvl 91 lod sorc was developed in 1 weekend or so, the moment i stopped playing LoD>

My godly legit account / low duelers

My 1.09 hard core account

One of my many mule accounts

My Labastard account after my old account got banned for using bots... Mind the lvl 9 low lvl dueler.

And here are some screenies

[me just got killed in a 1.09 cow game (don't mess with fana, electric enchanted cow kings)]


Some useless information:

bulletnetterhaufen: jan miller (german / Krupunder (near Hamburg)) / schooldropper
bullet3lit3= kim