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Family Profile

Guus & Marielle have nearly full time jobs (40hours+, but paid only part of that...). Marielle works with TPG (TNT / PTT Post Group) as marketing controller while Guus works as a manager of an IT department of the ING. 

We have three kids, which requires an FTE as well. We keep juggling with our 24 hours/day in order to keep a good balance between work and family. The good news is, it works well for the moment. 

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A bit of family history

bullet1960: feb. 13th : Guus born, lives in Limburg for about 20 year, went to school at the Bisschoppelijk College (HAVO, Atheneum).
bullet1962: april 18th: Marielle Born in Limburg and went to school at Albert Schweitzer (Atheneum)
bullet1980: the both of us left Limburg to study Econometrics at the University of Brabant , where we met during the introduction week. We have been going steady since then.
bullet1988: Marielle joins KPN PTT Post
bullet1989: Guus joins Intercai Telematic Consultants
bullet1989, oct. 23rd: We get married by law
bullet1989, dec: we buy our first house
bullet1992, oct. 23rd: We get married by church
bullet1994: jan 12th: Marijne is born
bullet1996: oct 23th: Roline is born
bullet1998, aug: Guus joins Cap Gemini
bullet1999, oct 29th: Julianne is born
bullet2001, june: we buy our second house (moving in sept)
bullet2001, aug: Guus joins the ING-Group